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“I know I hung from a tree in the wind,
for nine full nights,
wounded with a spear, dedicated to Odin,
myself to myself,
on that tree of which no man knows
from where the roots rise.
Bread, nobody gave me. nor drinking flasks
I looked down,
fetched the Runes, sorrowing,
and fell from there.”

(Hávamál, stanzas 138-140)

The Celts lived in communion with the stars, the wind, the trees, the flowers and with all the animals. For them the plant kingdom was a source of wisdom and exercised a field of action in the mystical and spiritual sphere.

According to them, the soul of the plant possessed mysterious abilities that could be made available to man. The Druids, Celtic priestly caste, possessed psychic abilities and they could get in touch with the entities of nature through fumigation, potions, visions and the reading of runes.

Triskell, the fragrance dedicated to the Celtic people and in particular to the Druids, is a total immersion in the world of the nature of the North and its secrets. A embrace of flower arrangements and precious and sacred herbs, musk and conifers with a suggestive and unusual appeal.

Artemisia, blueberry, bergamot and coriander cede ground to the fir and the cedar of Alaska, to musk and plants of the North. Components with strong properties, used in ancient mystery rituals to the deities of nature with marked symbolic values.

The term is usually traced back to the Greek “triskélès”, which means “three-legged”.
The meaning is partly wrapped in mystery, it represents a stylised version of the movement of the sun, depicting a sort of “solar wheel”.

Andrea Casotti, Cristian Calabrò

Head notes: Artemisia, Blueberry, Wheat, Fir and Lily

Heart notes: Bergamott, Coriander, Cedar of Alaska, Narciso

Base notes: Cedarwood of Virginia, Fir Balsam, Musk, Helichrysum and Oak Moss

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Credits: texts, photos and video by Emanuela Gambazza