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“Only a miracle,
only for magic art did
the formation of mountains and of valleys take place;
and presto, along came
woods of cypresses and pines to surface.
And so Gucumatz filled with joy, saying:
«Your coming has been good, Heart of Heaven;
You, Huracan, and you, Chipi-Caculhà, Raxà, Cuculhà!»”

((Mithological text from Popol Vuh)

Olfactory twists played in contrast with one another recall the intricate and luxuriant vegetation of the forests of Guatemala. Tikal, the fragrance dedicated to the Maya civilization, is named after an incredibly spectacular archaeological and naturalistic site, a place where enigmas and mysteries stand out, sculpted, on the steps of temples and majestic monuments.

The opening is aromatic and sparkling, with notes of Coriander, Sage and Bergamot.
A spicy note of Nutmeg gratifies the senses and accentuates the gourmand component of the Tonka Bean.
Woods of indigenous trees with thousand-year- old trunks evoke ancient uses and knowledge, such as Cedarwood, a symbol of longevity, and Guaiaco Wood used by warriors to build bows.

Tikal is an atavistic fragrance with a visceral appeal. From resins secreted by trees and substances formerly associated with colours, sounds and stones, the Four Codes transcribed on bark wood evoke a myriad of suggestions that remain shrouded in mystery.

Andrea Casotti, Carlo Ribero

Head notes: Bergamot of Calabria, Lemon of Sicily, Sage of Dalmazia, Russian Coriander

Heart notes: Geranium of Egypt, Tonka Bean, Indonesian Nutmeg, Amber Seeds, Lentisco

Base notes: Benzoin, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Guaiac wood, Myrrh, Vanilla

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Credits: texts, photos and video by Emanuela Gambazza