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ANKH SUN AMON Art and Olfaction Awards 2018

ANKH SUN AMON is the fragrance of ANIMA MUNDI line, classified among the 10 finalists of the prestigious Art and Olfaction Awards 2018

“Come closer, so that I can talk to you:
put fine linen around her body
and cover her bed with royal wine.
Guard the white linen and furnishings
the limbs ... the limbs-
they are uncovered like those who are strewn with scented

(Love songs from Ancient Egypt)

A rich and decisive, warm and amber blend pays homage to the royalty of the pharaohs' Egypt. Ankh Sun Amon is the fragrance dedicated to the legendary queen and bride of Tutankhamun, a young sovereign with a proud and resolute temperament.

The precious components of this fragrance come from ancient olfactory practices and secret recipes found on the walls of the pyramids. Cosmetic ointments and aromatic resins were used daily by the people of the Nile. Preserved in alabaster ampoules and burned in golden censers, they honoured gods and paid glory to kings.

The opening is a hymn to the sacredness of the lily, a divine flower.
Mirra and Orange of Tangiers combine with Amber to evoke ancient ritual practices and love potions.
Sweet and honeyed notes are enhanced in combination with saffron and give off intoxicating effects.
Pepper and exotic woods recall the most sought-after aromas of the ancient Perfume Road.

From the Texts of the Pyramids and the Songs of Love of Ancient Egypt, a myriad of suggestions for a fragrance with an elusive, bewitching, mysterious character.

Andrea Casotti, Cristian Calabrò

Head notes: Honey, Lilium Casablanca, Cedarwood Texas, Cypress, Tangerine, Nymphaea Caerulea

Heart notes: Russian Cuir, Iranian Saffron, Pepper, Raspberry

Base notes: Amber, Vanilla of Madagascar, Sandalwood, Cistus, Musk

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Credits: texts, photos and video by Emanuela Gambazza